Medicate Me

by The Night

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Mud This band is evolving by quantum leaps, original sound with great depth that leaves me wanting more ... Favorite track: Medicate Me.
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This is the night's first single, it will only be released digitally at this stage.


released October 1, 2012

Medicate Me – Mixed and produced by Jean-Paul Fung
Down – Mixed by Tim Walker
Reassimilate – Mixed by Tim Walker

All material written by the night and recorded at Jungle Studios (Leichardt, Sydney, NSW, AU) by Greg Stace. Mastered at 301 Studios by Andrew Edgson (Alexandria, Sydney, NSW, AU).

Guest Musicians Include:
Stewart Kirwan (Trumpet, Flugel Horn)
Phillip Johnston (Alto Saxaphone)
Gabrielle Steele (Viola)
Andrew Quizon (Bass Guitar)

All material is owned by the night, and licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported License

the night is:
Aidan Gaspar;
Liam Berry;
Neal Critchley;
Nicola Self;
Scott Allan;
Steve Taylor.



Some rights reserved. Please refer to individual track pages for license info.


The Night Sydney, Australia


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Track Name: Medicate Me
thunder in the chapel,
lightning in the street,
flood has filled your house with..
creatures of the deep.

guilty wives, chauvinistic crimes,
go get, get wise, confess your lies,
ungrateful dead, your blood ain't red,
don't lose your head, forget what they all said..

i need my medicate me.

it's strange 'cause i like to be clean,
or was that just me in a dream?
see you get to a stage when you figure it out,
when you know who you are,
and just what you're about,
and in all of its glory, all of these stories
must come to an end, must come to an end,

i need my medicate me!

medicate me.
Track Name: Down
a pregnant woman screaming,
she's begging for a reason,
she says ' i can't bear - to give my child,
to a world that turns it's people into slaves,
and drains them of their lives.'

a coroner is bleeding,
his courage is deceiving.
the postmortems, and funerals,
have finally come to take their toll,
on his mind, and on his soul.

a priest, is questioning his faith,
he has not slept nor prayed,
to repent his recent state of mind -
is starting to unwind,
and tangle up like vines.

we go round and around,
until we're right back where we started.
we've found, that the ground,
it can not keep us down.
Track Name: Reassimilate
You've been deceived, by everyone you know.
They told you who to be, and told you where to go.
Said that black was white, and white was black, now it's stuck like that.
You try to see it differently but there's no going back.
You've conceived an idea somehow that your identity,
is made up of clothes and money and alcohol,
and convinced that the alternative is something from another world,
something you don't need, something you never will.

So what else can I say?
These simple words can't change a thing, these days
these days - I need another way, I need to reassimilate.

Well they lied when they told you 'you don't have a choice,
you are what god made you, no you don't have a choice'.
Programmed from birth to meet all their standards.
Carefully moulded and perfectly handled.
Run from the things that you don't understand,
yeah you better keep quiet if you don't understand.
Why won't you help me I can't understand?
tell me your reasons, tell me all your plans.

So what else can I say?
Is everyone the same?
It's written on my face,
I need another way, I need to reassimilate.